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Sunday, November 27, 2022

NuGene International Inc (OTCBB:NUGN) Jumps on Reversal

NuGene International Inc (OTCBB:NUGN) recently saw a strong move up since reversing off $0.5701 lows. The stock has been a volume leader for months since the $2.28 million 28-page glossy hard mailer promotion featuring Kathy Ireland and the headline ”Did Kathy Ireland just discover Botox without the needle? hit the bb’s. In its heyday NUGN surged to an incredible $4.55 a share.

NUGN started trading on the OTC in February of last year, going public via a reverse merger with Bling Marketing, Inc. who had tried their hand at ”becoming a wholesaler of jewelry, principally earrings, rings and pendants.” along with the name change to NuGene International Inc the new Company affected a 15.04 for 1 forward stock split.

NuGene International Inc (OTCBB:NUGN) bills itself as a developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced skin and hair care lines utilizing adipose derived human stem cells and stem cell media.

According to NUGN the US Department of Health and Human Services calls regenerative medicine the “next evolution of medical treatments.” The regenerative medical market, which includes cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals, was estimated at $7.2 Billion in the US in 2014 and is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years according to RNCOS Business Consultancy Services Global Cosmeceuticals Market report.

NuGene’s cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products are based on proprietary stem cell based regenerative formulations derived from non-controversial, adult human stem cell derived media obtained from adipose tissue. NuGene’s exclusive products combine its in-house advancements, proprietary technologies, and patent pending formulations. The company has two patents pending covering 15 unique applications and inventions. NuGene’s goal is to leverage its extensive knowledge and expertise to develop age defying regenerative cosmeceutical skincare and hair care products in addition to pharmaceutical products based on the same regenerative science platform.

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In October NUGN announced it has filed additional provisional patents to extend the intellectual property around its proprietary stem cell formulations. The Company has filed two provisional patent applications in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for inventions relating to electro-active dressings and bandages. These include inventions combining electro-active sterile dressings and NuGene’s proprietary human adipose derived stem cell culture media.

According to the disclaimer for the NUGN promotion ”Casson Media Group, Inc. (CMG), an affiliated company of MicroCap MarketPlace has received nine thousand dollars in cash compensation from Result Corporation, a third party shareholder of NUGN to assist in the writing of this Advertisement, and anticipates receiving potential future subscription and advertising revenues, the amount of which is not known and cannot be predicted at this time. Result Corporation, besides compensating CMG, paid two million two hundred and eighty thousand dollars to marketing vendors to cover all the costs of creating and distributing this Advertisement, including printing and postage, in an effort to build investor and market awareness.

On December 14 NUGN announced it has signed an agreement with Kevin Harrington, Original Shark from the hit ABC show Shark Tank, to spearhead the launch of the new NuGene kathy ireland retail product line. Additionally, Kevin will assist NuGene International, Inc. with future fund raising efforts.

“I believe that the new NuGene kathy ireland retail line is the perfect fit for infomercials and home shopping. The combination of NuGene kathy ireland stem cell media and the science behind the product is a story that hasn’t been told properly and will resonate with the mass markets. I am excited to spearhead this opportunity and be a part of the NuGene kathy ireland team,” said Kevin Harrington.

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Currently trading at a $33 million market valuation NUGN does have $1.3 million in the treasury and growing revenues reporting $723,438 in sales in 2014. But the stock was subject to a massive $2.28 million 28-page glossy hard mailer promotion featuring Kathy Ireland causing the stock to be a staple among volume leaders in multi-dollar land for months. The shares being liquidated into this promotion are likely the 11.1 million free trading shares converted at just $0.0033 split adjusted according to filings. Short term NUGN could move higher, long term the stock has no real fundamentals to back up anywhere near current valuation and could drop big once the promo dollars run dry. We will be updating on NUGN when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with NUGN.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in NUGN either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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